House Extension Architects & Technical Drawing Services in Barnes SW1

Architect & project planning services in BARNES

  • 3D Visualisation & Immersive Design Drawings
  • Spatial Planning and Layouts
  • Interior Design
  • Feasibility Consultancy
  • Planning Application Drawings. (Drawings of Plans, Elevations & Sections.)
  • Retrospective Planning
  • Building Regulations & Drawing Submission for Building Control to the Local Council District
  • Consultancy for Commercial Development

APT Architecture is an experienced team of planning consultants and Architectural designers. With a wide breadth of experience working in Hammersmith, Fulham & Wandsworth area. The our inhouse architects keep up to date of changes in planning applications and building regulation in all of the West London Boroughs. Our chartered experts are here to provide friendly and helpful services assisting you from initial design ideas through to planning, building control and reality. Our success rate is nearly 100% from house remodelling and basement extensions through to loft and garage conversions, change of use applications, new builds and commercial planning.

We provide a full range of services in the BARNES area

We can help and give free advice in: Fulham, Hammersmith, Old Oak Common, Parsons Green, Sands End, Shepherd’s Bush, Walham Green, West Kensington, White City and the following postcodes KT2, SW6, W6 and W12. We cover all of West London from Wimbledon to old Oak Fulham Broadway. Fulham Reach Hammersmith Broadway Munster North End Palace Riverside Parson’s Green & Walham Ravenscourt Park Sands End Shepherd’s Bush Green Town Wormholt & White City Residential Sevice : For all of these areas we can speed track planning permissions and designs for single/double storey side/ rear extension, basement extension, loft conversion, dormer extension, rooftop terrace. House conversion into flats, window/door elevations. annex/maisonette/conservatory/garage conversion, interior/exterior design, garden design, new build development Commercial Service: planning permissions and designs for restaurant, bar, cafe, retail shops, stores, hotel. change of use, Planning applications, building regulation drawings.

Single & Double Storey Extension in BARNES

Single Storey Extension

side extension london

Single storey extensions, most often extend from the rear, side or wraparound (side & rear). They are a great way of gaining more space for the family, & work well with connecting the living room to an extended kitchen with bright airy window panneled doors that lead out towards the garden. These projects have become increasingly popular.

Double Storey Extension

single rear house extension london

The Double storey extension option is the most effective project per square foot you can undertake. These builds give you more bang for your buck than a single storey extension. You are also free to transform the look and feel of both upstairs and down. We have noticed many small and growing families approach APT to carry out this build.

Concept Design Drawings

If you are looking for a full house renovation or home improvements, then you are in the right place. Our Technical Drawing Services can arrange with you a free no-obligation site visit at your property in Barnes or anywhere near the South West of London. A site visit is essential for our architectural designers to get a better understanding of home designs and house plans of your property. Once we have this information from you, our design team will then create that unique basic design you are looking for.

architectural designers sketch concept design drawings
3D Modelling

After the basic home design drawings are finalised, our House Extension Architects will convert them into 3D architectural models. This will help you get a rough idea on how to make the most of the available space. From the 3D modelling, you will be able to visualise the interior theme and get the chance to see how your new bespoke furniture will look.

architectural designers able to create 3D architectural models
3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Our architectural designers will create a 3D virtual walkthrough of how your home will look when all the works are completed. It will give you a truly amazing experience. You will be able to virtually explore your new home designs and plans to see it from every possible angle. There is also the chance to see how external and internal lighting will affect the rest of the interior design.

virtually explore your property in 3D virtual walkthrough
3D Photo Realistic Renders

It is also possible for our Experienced Architects to create a realistic 3D photo renders and house plans for your new home in London. The most amazing thing is that even though this is created before the works have begun, the render will display every aspect of the plan in full depth, including lighting, textures and materials.

architectural designers can create realistic 3D photo renders
2D Planning Drawings

For most construction projects, planning permission is mandatory in order for the project to go ahead. To be accepted, your application has to include 2D drawings, which details (or describes) aerial surveys, site plans, house plans, floor and roof plans. Any planned elevations to the side, front or rear have to be charted in these drawings. Our architectural designers will make sure that every aspect required is submitted in the application.

architectural planning drawings
3D Floor Plans

Our Barnes House Extension Architects can also suggest 3D floor plans in order for you to see the full floor planning layout. Not only you will see the colour schemes and textures, you will get a good visual idea of where you can place the furniture and maximise the space with further additions. With 3D floor plans, you will have more clarity when it comes to decision making.

Floor planning layout

APT Renovation team are always happy to hear your thoughts about your project, either on the phone or in person.

If you’d like to know more please arrange a FREE no obligation site meeting you.