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Our inhouse architects keep up to date in the latest changes in planning applications and building regulations in all of the West London Boroughs. Our chartered experts are here to provide friendly and helpful services assisting you from initial design ideas through to planning, building control and reality

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Our Practice

APT are the leading architectural practice in the South West of London.
Our communicative & highly skilled team members are passionate about creating high standard, built for purpose, design focused architectural solutions. We specialise in expanding, remodelling existing residential architecture as well as new builds and multi-unit apartment schemes.


Feasibility & Design

APT pride ourselves on our relaxed driven approach to provide you with provide sketch proposals. Are architects are specifically trained to sit down with you and draw up a plan to suit your needs & requirements.
Our team maintain an ethos of progressing your design as smoothly and quickly as necessary to suit all agreed timescales.


house renovation specialists

On-Site Supervision

We offer an on-site supervision service. Such recuirements are becoming ever more popular amongst residentual builds as neighbours are increasingly disputing extension works.
As each project is individual, we understand that every client is unique so we adjust client demands and requests honestly and curbed around the budget.


Concept Design Drawings

If you are looking for a full house renovation or home improvements, then you are in the right place. Our pre-contract manager can arrange a free no-obligation site visit with you at your property in Dulwich or anywhere near the South West of London. A site visit is essential for our architectural designers to get a better understanding of home designs and house plans of your property. Once we have this information from you, our design team will then create that unique basic design you are looking for.

architectural designers sketch concept design drawings
3D Modelling

After the basic home design drawings are finalised, our Experienced Architects will convert them into 3D architectural models. This will help you get a rough idea on how to make the most of the available space. From the 3D modelling, you will be able to visualise the interior theme and get the chance to see how your new bespoke furniture will look.

architectural designers able to create 3D architectural models
3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Our architectural designers will create a 3D virtual walkthrough of how your home will look when all the works are completed. It will give you a truly amazing experience. You will be able to virtually explore your new home designs and plans to see it from every possible angle. There is also the chance to see how external and internal lighting will affect the rest of the interior design.

virtually explore your property in 3D virtual walkthrough
3D Photo Realistic Renders

It is also possible for our Architectural Designers to create a realistic 3D photo renders and house plans for your new home in London. The most amazing thing is that even though this is created before the works have begun, the render will display every aspect of the plan in full depth, including lighting, textures and materials.  

architectural designers can create realistic 3D photo renders
2D Planning Drawings

For most construction projects, planning permission is mandatory in order for the project to go ahead. To be accepted, your application has to include 2D drawings, which details (or describes) aerial surveys, site plans, house plans, floor and roof plans. Any planned elevations to the side, front or rear have to be charted in these drawings.

architectural planning drawings
3D Floor Plans

Our Dulwich Planning Permission Company can also suggest 3D floor plans in order for you to see the full floor planning layout. Not only you will see the colour schemes and textures, you will get a good visual idea of where you can place the furniture and maximise the space with further additions. With 3D floor plans, you will have more clarity when it comes to decision making.

Floor planning layout

APT Renovation team are always happy to hear your thoughts about your project, either on the phone or in person.

If you’d like to know more please arrange a FREE no obligation site meeting you.

Why should I extend?

Quite often there comes a time when your home no longer provides the space you need. It may be that your family is continues to grow, or a new pet is welcomed into the home. Many changes in your circumstances can highlight to you that its time to either move or extend. APT are the answer for those choosing to go down the extend route.

Building Regulation Plans

Engineering Plans

Our House Extension Architects use 2D drawings for structural and engineering plans. They include calculations in their CAD annotations to assist our builders during the work and help you make final amendments.

Engineering Plans


Building Regulations

APT can take care of the building regulation submissions. Building control set the minimum standards for construction of your home. This ensures the health and safety of people in & around your property. Our project manager will make sure the work we perform complies with all possible building restrictions.
Once submitted, there will communications between the chosen building inspector and our architect to finalise the plans before an approval will be issued.

We can handle building regulation submissions

House Extension Space Planning

Home spacial design is very important when it comes to architectural design. The pre-designed layout of drawings help you to decide the best location for the most simplest dwelling life.
The positioning of kitchen units, light wells, & applicances all contribute to an home which that gives you minimal maintenance and ease of living.
As well as improving your home, you are likely to recouperate the building cost in the inevitable increase on the value of your home.