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Our inhouse architects keep up to date in the latest changes in planning applications and building regulations in all of the West London Boroughs. Our chartered experts are here to provide friendly and helpful services assisting you from initial design ideas through to planning, building control and reality

London Residential Construction Architects

House Extension Architects in Nine Elms and West London.

As one of the leading residential architects in South West London, we have worked on a wide variety of residential housing projects across London and are always excited to be invited to design new homes. Our excellent relationships with the local planning authorities, together with our solid knowledge of local planning and building regulations, has gained us an outstanding reputation for obtaining planning permissions for new build houses. Our team consists of only the best London residential architects.

No project is too large or too unusual for our residential architects to consider:

Whether your project involves new build work on new land, extension over multilple levels, or expanding the house footprint on a single level. Our team of experienced ARB / RIBA chartered architects, designers and technicians will committedly take on your project & creatively work with you even if you have no past planning. Our onsite and offsite teams are able to work togethter to get your project completed fast and cost effectively.

Benefit from a collaborative strong workforce and never be more than a call away from our architectural design & project management teams.

We know that the success of your project depends on the quality of our relationship with you as much as the quality of our design and build work expertise. Consequently, it is very important to us that we allocate time to understand your ideas and plans, which is why our first step in the planning process is to have an initial site visit & discussion with you.

This could involve discussing whether your garden is big enough to accommodate the extension building or exploring how to release the greatest investment potential out of a plot of land bought for financial return. You can also develop the plot to maximise the beauty and functionality of the residence to see you through the future stages of your life.

We believe your new home should reflect your own personality and individual needs

We are expert in drawing up plans for bespoke homes that are mindful of this. Conscious that circumstances can change, if and when appropriate, our architects will invite you to explore beyond your immediate requirements and highlight ways that you can save money, remodel and adapt your living space to your requirements.

We always aim to add value through good design and planning.

APT Builders on site

Our practice does not support a particular ‘house style’ and our portfolio contains properties that reflect many architectural styles. This means that we have experience of a variety of different designs to be able to suit a majority of tastes. Appreciation of design is very subjective; it may be that you like modern contemporary design with a minimalist open airy feel; or love the look of the informal New England style houses or are after a neo classical frontage. You may wish to see several different styles reflected in the overall design. Our contemporary residential architects in London can help you today!

Maximising investment return.

Like all the best residential London architects, we know that good design will add considerable value to your end project and it is important to us that your finished home will not only be warm and welcoming, something to be proud of and somewhere you wish to be, but an asset too. We will also be checking that as far as is reasonably possible the proposed building will sit well on the plot in terms of aspect, taking advantage of natural lighting, accessibility from the road, and that it will reflect the heritage of the local area so to optimise your investment return should you choose to sell.

Our investment in up to the minute design software makes committing to a new build project less daunting.

By taking advantage of the latest technology you can make informed decisions right from the start. As standard practice we include 3D sketches of your new house design with your plans to help you visualise the project. Should you require, we can also carry out an initial project feasibility study, or you may commission 3D Modelling and Visualisation of the proposed design, this will fill out the finer details including proposed materials and interior design. Any of these options will help you determine the viability of your project, fine tune the design and give you the reassurance you need to proceed with confidence before making a further significant financial commitment.

We are one of the best residential architects in London so contact us today!

Commercial residential new housing.

Our team of commercial architects is experienced in all aspects of commercial residential design and pays particular attention to the “sellable” features”, floor areas, and layouts to maximise the efficiency of a layout and allow a profitable development return for our commercial clients. We have experience with both large and small developments: it may be that you wish to turn a large house into a block of flats to take advantage of the rental market; or have purchased block of land with the intention of building a mixture of residential new housing.

Whether it is a single dwelling that is required, or multiple housing, we can meet your needs, either by design only, or construction working drawings on a Design Build project. We also carry out initial site feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of a site before purchase and give you that reassurance you need to invest in your scheme and to proceed with confidence.

Paying attention to costs…

We know that the best London residential architects need to take affordability into account for their clients, managing costs is always a consideration regardless of the size of budget available. We will, as far as is reasonably possible, do our best to deliver your project on time and on budget. Of course, the size of budget you choose to invest in your project is your decision, but it is important to us that your money is spent wisely and that you are investing in a building project that, even if the desire is not to sell, is best placed to realise a good return on your capital investment. We will be looking to point out the break point where we believe investment in the project will incur more costs than the plot will return so that you can make informed choices.

Looking after the environment…

As commercial architects the practice has always been committed to protecting the environment and we work closely with sustainable energy consultants in the design of developments to reduce the carbon footprints of new buildings by utilising renewable energies and efficient construction design. The deployment of innovative sustainable practices and materials ensures our buildings are warm and energy efficient as well as healthy to live in.

We just signed off on our final snags on our kitchen extension build by APT Renovation. We are chuffed with the final finish and minor yet important details of the extension & ground floor renovation. We are looking forward to hosting feasts & enjoying the rest of the summer in our beautiful kitchen / patio with the bi-folds. The communication with the onsite project manager Jon was en pointe, and any changes & additionals we required were dealt with fast & efficiently. Kitchen Extension & Remodelling
9.5 / 10

Due to APT being local to you, we can not only provide a reasonable quote but work with you to distribute your budget into a bigger better project.

Travelling distance, building materials & man-hours, deployments, can drive up the project budgets.  So a local high rated build team can carry out extensive building work at a price beyond reasonable .

APT Renovation is one of the leading local chartered architects in Nine Elms, providing:

  • Planning Permission Applications
  • Measured Drawings
  • Rear Extensions
  • New Builds Planning
  • Building Alterations
  • Conservation Planning Consent
  • Basement Planning Architects

For free expert advice on your based house development project call us now on:

0207 223 6417

APT have decades of experience creating bespoke house extensions as a Trusted, Chartered Architects in Nine Elms.  We and are also carry out may projects around South West London.

Rear wrap around extension

Is my house in Nine Elms suitable for an extension build?

There are a number of factors that could affect the suitability of your house for an extension. We advise calling one of our pre-contract managers for planning on:

  • Your Budget – Ideally your plans should give a decent return on your investment with regards to property value and living space.
  • Area – If your house is in a conservation area or a district with planning restrictions, you may have more limited expansions options.
  • Neighbours – Your next door neighbours will have a say in whether your plans negatively affect the quality of their daily life.
  • Timetable – Upon setting a deadline. The time allocation of completion can drastically affect the type of extension we can build.